What are your go to hobbies to relieve stress while working/studying?

Hii everyone! I’m currently super stressed in life (acads + career + personal matters) and am looking for activities that can help me relieve my stress. Preferably they should be affordable (better if free!), easy to start, and is actually fun to do. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!!

Not exactly free but I started doing embroidery before coz of some downs and it’s vvvv nice. I kinda have a thing for textures(?) and everytime na may natatapos akong embroidery, feeling the threads makes me relax <33. I have some specific playlists too for my moods like for studying or for when Im having my breakdowns, or to calm myself. This also might be a double edged sword but playing games!!! Free siya if you get the free games but there’s a lot of genres to choose from; just pick your poison.

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I tried embroidery rin!!! Super fun to try new patterns even if medyo inconsistent the first time I did it hahahaa Super fulfilling din niya kapag natapos <33 im just hesitant to go back kasi i cant find time to do it huhu