Tips on learning python for complete beginners?

Hello po! I’m currently learning python as a career shifter and I’m struggling :((( Palagi kong nakakalimutan yung code and I feel like nothing sticks in my brain. Parang I’m not learning anything. Do you have any tips po ba on how to learn python? Any resources po na maganda gamitin? Any study tips din for self-learners like me? Thank you so much!


Hala I’m also like this hahahah Don’t worry though because that’s normal! Struggling is normal in the beginning naman hehe. My advice is to take it easy, and work on small projects muna when you begin learning to code. Its’ easy to get stuck in tutorial kasi so it’s much better to work on projects agad. Tapos when you forget some of the codes, feel free to use google (even chatgpt if that’s your thing!). No shame there :))

The important thing is that you’re learn even if it’s slow and painful. Kaya mo yannn!

You can watch on YT vids

Hi po! You can check

free harvard classes, tesda, and google classes

kasi they explain it in simple terms thennnn at your own pacing pa.

As for the not learning part, ify huhu. Please take scheduled breaks to help you regain your focus. Rooting for u!!