ADVICE NEEDED: How do you shift careers smoothly?

Hello, I’m currently on the field of health sciences but I’m eager to switch careers preferably into tech but I don’t know how to do it. Where should I start? What skills do I need to focus on first? Really confused talaga so any help would be great!


Before you shift a career ask your self this 3 Kinds of question
1.Do I have the skills to pursue the new field?**
2.If I shift to this field, can it sustain the lifestyle I have, and would it bring more money into my pocket?
3.Do I have a compelling reason to pursue this, and can I envision myself in this field 10 years from

heyyyy u can shift careers by researching etc etc etc

Hello! as an aspiring career shifter myself, I think it’s best to look at your strengths first and see if there are any transferrable skills from your degree/extracurricular/internship work that is applicable to your preferred career trajectory :slight_smile: